Subsidised Osteopathic treatment for Arthritis sufferers.

Are you or anyone you know suffering with pain associated with arthritis?

The charity Arthritis Action has been set up to subsidise treatment for anyone suffering with arthritis. Membership costs just £20 a year or £100 a lifetime, for which you will receive 4 vouchers a year to exchange for osteopathic treatment.

This offers an ideal opportunity for patients to see if osteopathy could help them or, as many of our patients do, just have quarterly “MOT” sessions. We have recently been accepted by the charity as the only Dorset based practitioners.

While we do understand osteopathy can not change the structural damage caused by arthritis the hands on treatment can alleviate some of the pain associated with the process.  By working on the surrounding muscles, ligaments and joints better movement can often be achieved.  A key in our treatment is achieving and maintaining mobility.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in joining the scheme we can send you further information or see their website

“Arthritis Action is dedicated to helping people with arthritis to enjoy a more active life with less pain. We offer healthy eating advice, hands-on physical therapies and help with pain management.”