Your first visit


Your first appointment

Your first appointment will begin with the osteopath taking a case history, asking questions about your symptoms, general health and medical history.
In order to make an accurate diagnosis, the osteopath will conduct a structural and functional examination, watching you move and trying to locate exactly what is causing your pain. Providing treatment is appropriate, it will involve a hands-on approach to address any problems within the muscles, joints and ligaments of your body.

What to expect

This is likely to involve you removing some of your outer clothing. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable or nervous about this please let the osteopath know. Feel free to wear shorts/leggings/vest top, etc. if you would feel more relaxed.

In most cases the osteopath will supplement your treatment by providing advice on preventative measures including exercises, stretches and lifestyle changes.

If you wish to discuss your problem with one of our practitioners, they would be happy to speak to you on the telephone prior to booking an appointment.

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