What Osteopathy treats


Suitable for patients of all ages and covers a wide range of problems, including:
* This is by no means an exhaustive list so please feel free to ring us if you would like to discuss you complaint further.

  • ZGeneralised aches and pains
  • ZJoint pains including hip and knee pain from osteoarthritis
  • ZArthritic pain
  • ZGeneral, acute & chronic backache, back pain
  • ZUncomplicated mechanical neck pain
  • ZHeadache arising from the neck (cervicogenic)/migraine prevention
  • ZFrozen shoulder
  • ZShoulder and elbow pain
  • ZTennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)
  • ZCirculatory problems
  • ZCramp
  • ZDigestion problems
  • ZJoint pains, Lumbago
  • ZSciatica
  • ZMuscle spasms
  • ZNeuralgia
  • ZFibromyalgia
  • ZInability to relax
  • ZRheumatic pain
  • ZMinor sports injuries and tensions

Our specialist mother and baby clinic means we see lots of babies and children as well as women throughout and following pregnancy.

In association with the charity Arthritis Action we are the only recognised osteopaths in Dorset to offer subsidised treatment for patients with arthritis. In many cases, recurrent pain is caused by degenerative changes to the body’s framework. Although nobody can reverse the aging process, osteopathic treatment helps ease pain and improve mobility.