What Acupuncture helps


How can Acupuncture help you?

Acupuncture is used to treat a broad range of conditions such as Osteoarthritis, Musculoskeletal pain or headaches; but some people use it because they are generally feeling unwell, to support side effects of westernised treatments i.e. chemotherapy, radiotherapy and IVF, as a pick me up, maintenance, or to enhance their well being and general health.
Many people find that Acupuncture is beneficial and relaxing enabling them to work through life in a more balanced way physically, and they may feel more connected to themselves emotionally.

Acupuncture techniques:


Glass or plastic cups are placed onto the skin and a vacuum is created, gently drawing up the skin within the cup which in turn brings dead blood cells to the surface, this may leave temporary marks on the skin which will disappear after a few days. This Therapy stimulates Lymphatic, Qi and Blood flow, removes stagnation, opens pores and can tonify muscle, bringing the body back to a balanced state. This technique is great to use on patients that suffer from respiratory conditions, arthritis, musculoskeletal issues, pain and Scoliosis.

Tui-na Massage

Generally Tui-Na massage is performed over clothes, and can be very effective at treating musculoskeletal issues as well as other illnesses that are more internal in the their nature.
Specialised manual hand techniques are applied to the body creating Lymphatic, Qi and Blood flow, removing stagnation, relaxing and invigorating tired tight muscles, and breaking down scar tissue which in turn speeds up the healing process. The massage can be firm in its nature and where there is damaged tissue this may feel uncomfortable at times.


Moxa is a Chinese herb called Mugwart that has healing and warming properties to it. It is used to nourish, expel cold and warm the body, allowing smoother flow of Qi and Blood through the meridians.
There are two different types of Moxa: indirect and direct.
Indirect – this is a cigar shaped stick that is lit and moved over acupuncture meridians or specific areas that the practioner wants to work one i.e. the uterus or muscles.
Direct – moxa cones are placed onto an acupuncture point and are burnt until the patient starts to feel a warming sensation that penetrates and nourishes deep into the body. Moxa can also be placed direct onto an acupuncture needle creating a deeper and warming affect to the body.
Moxa Box – this is used when you want to warm up a large area i.e. lower back or abdomen. Loose moxa is put into a special box that is then placed over the area the practioner wants to warm up; the moxa is then lit and left until it burns out. The sensation from this is very warming and nurturing. An example of where it has been used is for fertility issues to warm up the uterus.
Moxa has been successfully used to turn breech babies so that they are in a normal head down position.

The one benefit to indirect moxa is patients can be taught to use it and continue their treatment at home which in turn can speed up the recovery time.


Electro Acupuncture

Electro Acupuncture involves attaching small electrodes to inserted needles. The electrodes vibrate down the needle providing gentle and often soothing stimuli down through the points. This treatment enhances the Qi and its movement creating a more powerful treatment. Electro Acupuncture is has been proven to improve and stimulate the flow of Qi and Blood, improve circulation, and warm muscles. It can be used to treat muscular skeletal issues, pain relief, and has been used to treat neurological diseases.