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age-relatedIn association with the charity Arthritis Action we are the only recognised osteopaths in Dorset to offer subsidised treatment for patients with arthritis. For more information about this fantastic scheme and see if you might be eligible please do not hesitate to ring us.

It is a brave person who first admits, without humour, that they are getting old and cannot do the things they used to do. While the diagnosis of arthritis is common, the suffering of its related symptoms need not be.

In many cases recurrent pain is attributed to wear and tear to the joint which, when seen on X-ray, shows arthritis. But in many, many cases (especially in the early stages) it is not the joint itself causing the majority of the pain; it is the soft tissue response to that joint change. The osteopath is experienced in identifying the relevant soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) causing pain and treating them as well as both the joint itself and the surrounding joints.

Although nobody can reverse aging, osteopathic treatment helps ease pain and improve mobility by slowing down the natural wear and tear process and so loosen joints, ease muscle stiffness and help the body maintain suppleness.