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George Fridd – Osteopath graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2001, where he later tutored undergraduates in the outpatient’s clinic. He set up the Practice at Ferndown with Lucy in 2008, after moving back to Dorset from London. He practices using both cranial and structural techniques to treat a wide range of problems, not just backs! As a qualified sports scientist he has a special insight into sport-related problems, supporting both the professional and amateur athlete back to fitness.

Lucy Ross Browne – Osteopath also qualified from the British School of Osteopathy in London. She worked in Bristol for 6 years but decided to relocate Dorset in 2007. She combines structural and cranial osteopathic skills in treatment of patients of all ages. She is a member of the Sutherland society and has a particular interest in the treatment of pre and post natal women, and childhood conditions.

Sally Wilson – Acupuncturist graduated from the world renowned college of Integrated Chinese Medicine with a Lic. Ac, BSc (Hons). She studied for 3 and half years both TCM and Five Element Acupuncture, and also holds a Diploma in Natural Nutrition and Kore Therapy. Sally’s goal is to help you make a recovery back into good health or to assist and manage symptoms in a more appropriate manner enabling you to lead a more comfortable life. During treatment Sally will inform you of what and why things are happening to your body as this enables you to understand what is going on, and allows you to appreciate and support your treatment which in turn empowers your prognosis.

Gifty Stratford – Massage Therapist Gifty works closely with the Osteopaths in the team to support each other’s work and help maintain long term symptom relief. As an experienced massage therapist with specialist training in both sports massage and pregnancy massage she is a real asset to the team.

“I feel so lucky to be doing a job that I love. The best part is the enormous sense of fulfilment it brings. Every time I successfully treat a client’s injuries, or when they come back to tell me their aches and pains are all gone away, that’s the best feeling of all.”

Damon Murgatroyd – Osteopath Damon Murgatroyd brings a huge wealth of experience to the team. Previously a medical doctor, Damon graduated from Leicester Medical school in 1984. After a medical career in general practice, rheumatology, and orthopaedics he went onto retrain and qualify as an Osteopath in 1992.

Damon believes in integrating his medical knowledge with his physical skills to work with patients in their recovery. Over 30 years of medical and osteopathic experience gives him an expert insight into musculoskeletal pain and treatment.

He also lectures at the London School of Osteopathic Medicine, participates in martial arts and is a tour guide at monkey world!


Elizabeth Pardoe- Osteopath

Libby joined the team in 2019 when she moved back to Dorset to her family home. As a keen long-distance swimmer, Libby was inspired to become an osteopath after receiving treatment during a mammoth charity swim in her teens. Previous work work treating her local rugby club had given her interest and experience into sports injuries. Libby’s kind and empathetic approach to treatment, along with her knowledge and osteopathic skills combine for a smooth recovery journey.