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Does it hurt?
Qi in Chinese Medicine is the vital energy that runs through meridian lines within our body. When needles are placed into Acupuncture points it's this Qi that is stimulated and utilised, when this happens it can create a sensation that has been described by patients as dragging, pulling, dull or an electrical stimuli, these sensations are perfectly normal.

What are the needles like?
Needles that are used within Acupuncture are very fine and come in different lengths and thicknesses. The choice of needle is selected dependent on the patient's anatomy and diagnosis. They are completely different to needles that are used for giving injections and taking blood. Each needle comes in a sterile pack and are single use.

How many appointments will I need?
It is very difficult to say exactly how many treatments any patient may need before they get better as this depends on how long the patient has had the issue and how bad it is. Everybody responds to treatment in different ways because no one person is the same. Lifestyle and people's emotions also have a dramatic effect on how the body heals and reacts to treatment. Putting all of this to one side, both the practioner and the patient should start to see an improvement in two to three treatments.

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